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Frame up

Hungarian comics in Sõprus Cinema 21.11 - 10.12

The expression frame up has many aspects of meaning: false accusation, premeditated malice, a prearranged sham.
What are comics, if not a prearranged sham? And the accusation that there is no such thing as Hungarian comics is simply false. At the exhibition 19 contemporary Hungarian artists place emphatic focus on one of the most important components of comics: the frame. As, in comics, both the plot and the text are situated inside the frame. The artists’ uniquely created image frames establish the context for their existing pages of comics.

Budapest Cinemas

In the gallery of the Hungarian Institute from 3.12
Piiskopi 2, Tallinn
Open Mo-Thu 10-17, Fri 10-15

Cinemas became a part of the public space in Budapest right after the Lumière Brothers had invented the cinematograph. During the 20th century the capital of Hungary held the title of the cinema city in the traditional meaning of the expression. The exhibition presents the architectural history and interior design of the cinemas in Budapest, from the random places where films were shown – coffee houses, fair-tents and ground floors of dwelling houses to the monumental buildings, specially projected for film screenings. The exhibition is arranged by Ernst Museum in Budapest.

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