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Sleepwalkers’ Film School

This year Sleepwalkers’ film school concentrates on the role of the film print in a quickly changing world.
The aim of these two lectures is to give a profound review about what is happening in nowadays film industry. Lectures are meant for film students, who are studying cinematography, but will also be useful to producers, editors and directors.

Lectures will be provided with illustrative materials shown on a big screen in cinema Sõprus. Lectures are in English and free of charge.

For participating, it is necessary to sign up before 15 November: sleepwalkers@poff.ee  

SAT 17.11, at 11- 13 in cinema Sõprus

KODAK presents:
See what´s possible – the motion picture film in the hybrid world

SUN 18.11, kell 11:00 – 13:00 cinema Sõprus

FINLAB presents:
After shooting has finished...

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