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The festival attracted record audience this year

11th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival reached this year a record audience of 50 000 admissions. A total of 460 films were screened during the main programme and the subfestivals, 209 of them feature length works.

For the second year in a row the most popular film of the festival was about the city of love – Paris. French actress Julie Delpy’s directorial work "2 Days in Paris" won the BNFF audience award and also gathered the biggest number of viewers. Last year the most popular film in BNFF was “Paris, Mon Amour”.

Other favourites of the audience were “Alexandra”, for which Russian Aleksandr Sokurov was awarded as best director, “Love in the Time of Cholera” starring Javier Bardem, Ang Lee’s exciting thriller “Lust, Caution”, “Promise” by Emir Kusturica, French director Catherine Breillat’s “The Last Mistress“, “4 months, 3 weeks, 2 days” – recently awarded as best film by European Film Academy, Japanese anime “Paprika“, Belgian fierce “Ex Drummer“, Steve Buscemi’s “Interview“, Irish romantic musical “Once“ and festival’s surprise film “Kruzhovnik” by Arvo Iho. The first sold-out screening in BNFF was “My Blueberry Nights” by Wong Kar-wai, which premieres in Estonian cinemas on 28th of December.

Documentaries in BNFF  also hadmany viewers. The most popular was “Home – Sigur Ros”, a poetical story about Icelandic indie rock band Sigur Ros. All three screenings were sold out. Other popular docs were Danish documentary “Monastery: Mr Vigg and The Nun”, Swedish “Planet” and fashion films presented by Monton.

In the BNFF closing ceremony, the juries handed the Grand Prix for best film and 10 000 euros to Turkish director Özer Kiziltan for “Takva – A Man’s Fear of God“. Estonian “Autumn Ball“ took home a total of six awards.

BNFF took place in 6 cities and 13 cinemas. Together with subfestivals there were 450 screenings in total. BNFF website www.poff.ee had more than 80 000 visitors between November and December. More than 200 international guests from 36 countries attended the festival.

In 2008 BNFF invites all filmlovers to the cinema between 20th November and 7th December.

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